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Everybody can learn to play the violin... beautifully!

Imagine to be free on the violin and play the music you love with confidence, ease, beauty and expression...

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Why did you start playing the violin in the first place?

If you are a little like me you want to enjoy your own playing, express your emotions, move people to tears and discover your creative potential.

You want music to express what words can't.

You want music to transport you to a happy place where everything is beautiful and your daily worries disappear.

Your violin should be an extension of your body and soul.

However we need to master quite some technique to achieve this beautiful goal...

How did that work out for you until now?

The painful truth is that players struggle with the difficult playing technique.

They get lost.

You play note for note, try to get it 'right', hope for your teacher's 'well done' and always feel you haven't practiced enough.

Besides that performing is out of the question... you feel ashamed, can't get your technique solid and shut down completely if you are playing for someone else... even if it's just your teacher.

Here's the solution...

Most players get lost, because they focus too much on WHAT to play.

In practicing and in lessons players focus on playing more difficult music all the time.

They think they have to arrive at a virtuoso level where MAGICALLY the beautiful tone, vibrato, expression and creativity will appear.

It won't...

What you need to do is to focus on HOW to play. From the beginning...

In this way you can build a solid playing technique that gives you the foundation to do everything you dream of with beauty and expression.


What you need most right now...

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What Violin Lounge Academy students say...

Hi Zlata, I’m so happy that I decided to share with you my results. I started doing the right hand motor skill exercises.

After two weeks practicing them on my free time at job or anywhere else, I went to my teacher and he asked me to play lesson 11 from hans sitt book 1. Which I’m struggling for 3 weeks, and I’m not confident on this piece.

But he said me that besides left hand’s problems I had my wrist completely relaxed and in a perfect movement.

I didn’t believe on that and he recorded me playing to show me how good it was. And I saw a perfect bowing coming from me unconsciously!

I’m really proud of your classes.



Emanuel Christiano, Student at the Violin Lounge Academy

Hi Zlata,

My situation before violin and viola academy was I'm probably just a basic player who learned everything from the university of youtube and some self train books from music store. I don't have money for instructors and time too for I have three jobs.

My love for music drives me to steal money from the budget to enroll at Violin Lounge Academy and try to study at very hectic schedule.

My experience with Violin Lounge Academy is it is very informative, you will not be overwhelmed, you can work at your own time, cheap and most of all it works.

I'm so happy to find Zlata who is so generous to share all she knows.

I don't know if your earning a lot but I could only say thank you and wish you the best.

I learned how to be patient, trust with the flow, be creative and a whole lot more which is just difficult to explain. I'm so happy to have finally learned vibrato.

Though I'm not good at it yet. I thought it is impossible for me to learn but Zlata's method (like the karate Kid's) works.

Thanks a lot! Alexander

Alexander Ladroma, Student at the Violin Lounge Academy

What will you learn in the Violin Lounge Academy?


Sensational Scales

This unique program will take violinists from their very first scales all up to all 3 octave major scales and arpeggio's through an enormous step by step curriculum.

Music is made out of scales and scales are the foundation of your violin technique.

A strong combination of a big scale book, video lessons, fingerboard maps and audio files!

You'll improve your intonation and bowing dramatically if you implement this in your daily practice routine.

  • 80+ page scale book especially written for this program
  • 88 Instruction videos on how to play and practice the scales, exercises and bowing techniques
  • 125 Audio files with demonstrations of all exercises
  • 68 Fingerboard maps that indicate the exact spots on your violin

Hi Zlata!

LOVE the Sensational Scales - I've just been working with the first 3 major scales right now, but I'm very happy about the way the book is designed. The thirds, triads, and bowing technique included is great, and my intonation has improved a lot, as well as my use of the 4th finger.

You clearly put a lot of time, work and love into not just this, but the whole Violin Lounge Academy. I cannot fully put into words how grateful I am of you and everything you have done to bring the joy of music to people around the world!

Cheers, ~Ellie

Ellie, Student at the Violin Lounge Academy

Create a Beautiful Tone on the Violin and the Viola

Move people to tears with just ONE note.

It matters more HOW you play than WHAT you play.

Learn and improve each area that influences your tone and put them together:

create a beautiful tone on the violin and viola

You will learn:

  • Body posture, balance and violin hold
  • Right hand technique and bowing
  • Left hand technique, intonation and vibrato
  • Your instrument and bow
  • Mindset, breath and magic
  • 68 (!) videos with crystal clear actionable instructions and demonstrations never published before
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Violin Lounge Basics

Suitable for complete beginners!

  • Find the REAL problem that causes your violin struggles
  • Learn fine motor skills that prepare your body and mind for violin playing
  • Learn relaxation exercises to make your playing effortless
  • Optimize your practice routines, so practice REALLY makes perfect
  • MASTER the basics of violin playing

You will learn:

  • Motor skill exercises (lots of them) and coordination exercises
  • Right hand technique training (bow like a pro and create a beautiful tone)
  • Left hand technique training (play in tune and fast as you like)
  • Ear training (learn to listen and play by ear)
  • Improvisation and creativity on the violin and viola (make your own music… easily)
  • Learn HOW to study, so practice makes perfect and you get the most out of your practicing
  • Some familiar children’s songs you can play by ear
  • Three scales in which you train intonation, rhythm, bowing and more
  • Dynamics (playing loud and soft with different sound colors)
  • Violin Lounge Basics includes 54 violin playing instruction videos
  • Violin Lounge Basics E-BOOK: This is the book I wrote and use with my private violin students for years.
  • All content is packaged in doable step-by-step e-learning modules. I will virtually hold your hand and lead you though to get you the best results.

Violin Lounge Academy has taught me to love playing the violin. Zlata really emphasizes sounding good and enjoying what you play. She teaches the basics with the focus of producing enjoyable music. Her cheerful personality and encouragement make her videos pleasant to watch. She has been very helpful and kind when she reviewed the videos I've sent her. The combination of her helpful online tutorial videos and her focused comments about my playing have produced instant improvement. I estimate that I now sound twice as good after only 6 months of Violin Lounge Academy.

I tried many other online schools. Other teachers seem to have one solution to every problem--PRACTICE MORE! They seem to say that success is being a 'serious,' very disciplined musician, who obviously...practices...a LOT. Yes, Zlata acknowledges the importance of practice, but she clearly wants students to enjoy their practice by playing well and sounding lovely. I will never be a soloist, but I will be a true 'amateur,' i.e. one who 'loves' what they do.

After all, who hears most of what I play? I am really the only one who hears the hours of practice. I might as well enjoy the music I make. Violin Lounge Academy has polished my technique and basics and my sound improved across the board. I find it easier to focus on what I'm playing, to improvise, and build my repertoire because I feel so much better about my playing.

Thanks, Zlata!

Blair Faulk, Student at the Violin Lounge Academy

Free Your Vibrato: the Holy Grail in Violin Playing

  • Free Your Vibrato includes 13 videos with vibrato secrets
  • Your Personal Vibrato Diary with daily exercises for 15 weeks and tools to evaluate your progress

YES, beautiful vibrato is a learnable skill! You just need to know EXACTLY HOW...

You will learn:

  • Learn the EXACT motor skills necessary for vibrato
  • LOOSEN your arm, hand and fingers in vibrato
  • Learn to COMBINE arm, wrist and finger vibrato
  • Learn to match your vibrato to what you want to EXPRESS
  • Learn to do vibrato exactly how you want it CONSISTENTLY
  • Doable, short and simple action steps. No overwhelm! Great results!
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Confident Position Play: Use the whole fingerboard!

You will learn:

  • How to shift with confidence over your whole fingerboard
  • How to name the notes and learn to hit them
  • Extensive exercises for the 3rd position
  • How to check if you are in tune
  • Play a violin concertino including the 3rd position (Rieding opus 21)
  • Doable, short and simple action steps. No overwhelm! Great results!
  • 21 videos to learn to shift with confidence and solve any position play issues on the violin or viola
  • 11 videos to learn to play the Rieding Concertino opus 11 and apply your position play (violin)
  • Position Shift exercises: separate sheet music for the violin and viola
  • Rieding concertino opus 21 sheet music for violin

Learn from my favorite method book...

You will learn:

  • How to read notes with all fingers on all strings
  • How to play tunes like Old Macdonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Are you sleeping
  • Various bowing techniques and rhythms
  • Play in tune with all fingers on all strings
  • 61 Detailed and actionable instructional videos (book not included)
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Practice package with a beautiful concertino, etudes and scales

You will learn:

  • How to play the beautiful Küchler opus 11 concertino if you only play the violin for one year
  • 4 Supporting Wohlfart etudes that build the necessary technique
  • Scale exercises to improve your bowing and intonation
  • Complete practice package that you can enjoy for months
  • Küchler concertino opus 11 sheet music for violin including piano accompaniment
  • 2 Etudes books by Wohlfart including 60 etudes
  • 9 videos to learn to practice and play all three parts of the concertino
  • 5 videos to learn to play the 4 etudes including lots of bowing variations

If you order TODAY, you will get 5 BONUS modules!

  • BONUS 1

    MEDITATION for improvisation (learn to improvise in 5 minutes)

  • BONUS 2

    STRETCHING/yoga/relaxation exercises that make your body fit to play

  • BONUS 3

    MINDSET and Motivation for Music (pep talk and results boosting)

  • BONUS 4

    How to apply everything you learn in the Violin Lounge Academy to the VIOLA (yes, the academy is very suitable for violists too!)

  • BONUS 5

    How to practice in FLOW so you achieve more while doing less and enjoying it more

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The most comfortable way of learning...

  • WHEN you want: your 24/7 violin teacher is always ready for you
  • HOW you want: follow our curriculum or pick out topics
  • WHERE you want: at home, in the office, on the road
  • WHAT you want: choose the topic you need right now
  • On your smartphone, tablet, computer...

Your violin teacher Zlata

About me

Zlata M A Brouwer MSc BMus is a classically trained, conservatory graduated violinist and well known violin pedagogue living in the Netherlands. 

I currently play and perform as a first violinist in a string quartet (Gooisch Begeleidingskwartet) and a professional string orchestra (Vegas Strings).  I have been in a professional violin-piano duo, piano trio's and string trio for years including a CD recording and TV appearance.

I have a special interest in teaching. I own a violin studio with four teachers and a violin shop. I have created many method books and video courses for Violin Lounge TV and the Violin Lounge Academy.

I graduated at the Schumann Akademie in Holland as a violinist and teacher (BMus) and earned the highest possible grade in violin methodology at the Utrecht Conservatory.

Borrow my 10.000 hours of practicing and performing on the violin! I offer you my professional education as a violinist and teacher, over 20 years of private lessons, over 10 years experience in teaching and share everything I did to develop myself, my violin playing and my teaching in the Violin Lounge Academy.

My teaching style

In my violin lessons I seamlessly combine heart centered musicality with hard core technique, specializing in creating a beautiful tone on the violin and bowing technique, making things simple and doable, clear explanations, step by step.

I love to analyze your playing and give you tailored feedback and clear practice instructions, so you know exactly how to improve your playing.

I demystify classical violin technique using modern technique. The seamless and strong combination of online courses with video, e-books etc, online community, live online lessons, personal practice plans and video exchange can boost you to the next level in your violin playing.

You have 24/7 constant guidance and structure and learn in different ways simultaneously.

My goal is that you enjoy happy practicing and beautiful playing.


Are you ready to stop struggling? Finally enjoy playing the violin beautifully. Join the Violin Lounge Academy!

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This is what students say:

I want to thank you for your Violin Basics videos. Last night I worked through your first videos regarding exercises – and already I am noticing HUGE results in my bowing! I especially like the one where you “paint the wall” with large movements.


Well, let me say something about your teaching style… For me, you are a committed and friendly teacher. You are absolutely helpful. You helped me to correct my playing mistakes even though small mistakes. You tried your best to explain everything I did not understand in English although I knew that English is not your mother language. Thank you for everything!


In forty minutes, you addressed all my immediate concerns about violin playing. Thank you so much for your dedication to the art of violin pedagogy. When I saw you study my playing carefully to determine just how you would help me, I knew I was with a good teacher. Your suggestions were all very helpful and I look forward to implementing them in my practicing. Also, my playing began to sound better and I felt more ease during the lesson itself! Your help was both immediate and long term.


Thanks to Zlata I decided to continue violin playing. She totally renewed my enthusiasm!


The lessons are awesome!! I’ve learned a lot and Zlata is really enthusiastic about playing the violin. I love Zlata’s enthusiasm, because she can teach clear and at the right level for me. After one lesson I practise every day with the exercises she has given to me. Zlata, you’re doing great and keep up!!


I just wanted to tell you that, at our dance last night (over 3 hours of FAST playing), for the first time, I did not come away with muscle cramps! Why? Because I’d been practicing your bowing tips and techniques! These really helped me! I kept up with (most) of the tunes, played at Elgin-speed. This was huge for me, especially since I have fibromyalgia and usually come away all crooked-up for a couple of days afterwards.


The violin lesson with Zlata was certainly informative. The tips are very useful, especially the instructions about how to practice vibrato step-by-step. Before the lesson I was completely lost about my vibrato. The good thing about the lessons is that I can have a second opinion on certain topics. It can really help you further when you are stuck.


All the skills I have on the violin… I owe to you!


I got great step-by-step practicing tips that are clear and easy to apply in my studies.


I learned loads of new stuff! With lots of enthusiasm and patience Zlata let’s me hear, see and feel the new techniques.


I interviewed Zlata about her teaching and her personal approach to teaching- she teaches based off a very traditional model, and is incredibly professional and concise. She has many videos on basic violin technique, specializing in tone production.

Ariella Zeitlin-Hoffman, violinist and teacher at Violin like THAT

The Violin Lounge Academy offers videos on the areas of playing a violin or viola that I've never seen in method books.

Zlata shows you everything you need to know about how to work the bow, holding the instrument, getting a gorgeous tone, how a viola player can read treble clef (I needed this as I work with rock music a LOT and that's the clef it's written in) and so much more.

I think she's revolutionized the way video instruction is to be presented, and always with grace and a desire to serve the musical community!

Sherrie Hoyer, a guitar and mandolin teacher who learns to play the viola with Zlata in the Violin Lounge Academy

You might have some questions...

If your question isn't answered below, please e-mail me:

  • q-iconHow does it work?

    You can log in to the academy on any computer, on your tablet and on your smartphone. You can learn at work, at school, at home, on holiday, while traveling and while relaxing in bed. With your personal link, username and password you have access to Violin Lounge Academy anytime and anywhere! If you can click a mouse, you can attend Violin Lounge Academy. You don’t need to download, install or do any techy stuff. It’s easy and user friendly!

  • q-iconWhen will I have access to Violin Lounge Academy?

    After clicking the button and processing the payment, you create an account and can access ALL the content of Violin Lounge Academy right away. It will be presented to you in a step by step way, but if you want to pick out the information that you find interesting and leave the rest… that’s fine too! You are absolutely free in which way you attend Violin Lounge Academy!

  • q-iconCan I start Violin Lounge Academy when I can’t read notes?

    Yes! The Violin Lounge Basics module works auditively. This means that you will train your ears and focus on your playing, your tone and the music you make. After this auditive phase you can start to read notes. The great thing about it is that you can focus on the playing and the music right away without the distraction of reading notes. After that you learn to read notes very quickly using my favorite method book, as you can recognize what you play in the notes. This method is faster, more efficient, more effective and… more fun!

  • q-iconI am a complete beginner! Is Violin Lounge Academy something for me?

    Definitely! The course Violin Lounge Basics teaches you in a simple, step-by-step and doable way how to play the violin… from scratch! It starts with the very beginning and the miracle is that you will play with a beautiful tone from the very beginning. No scratching and squeaking and sounds of a cat being tortured. I promise you!

  • q-iconI am not very techy... can I attend an online program like this?

    Can you visit this website? Yes? In that case you have no problem attending Violin Lounge Academy. You just need to log in, click on the lesson you like to take and click on play. It’s REALLY easy, doable and user friendly. I guarantee…

  • q-iconI am an intermediate or advanced player. Is Violin Lounge Academy something for me?

    We have students who play for decades and are amazed by the results. Perhaps there will be elements of Violin Lounge Academy that you already know. Perhaps there are things you know for 80%, but you will benefit from it when you know them for 100%. We also have courses for advanced students. Violin Lounge Academy offers SO much content for SO little money… even if you could just use 10% of it, it will already more than worth it! Besides that you can have personal guidance and feedback by Zlata.

  • q-iconCan Violin Lounge Academy interfere with my current lessons with my current teacher?

    No, to the contrary! Violin Lounge Academy will be a great addition to your current lessons with your current teacher. It can make the lessons you have more effective and efficient, as you’ll come better prepared to your private lessons. In Violin Lounge Academy you learn lots of things for very little money. This makes room in your current lessons to focus on your personal struggles. I can recommend using Violin Lounge Academy in combination with private lessons.

  • q-iconAre the results guaranteed?

    Results depend on the time and effort you spend to implement the instructions. I can help you get results, but I can’t do it for you. You need to practice ;).

  • q-iconCan I learn to play the violin or viola online?

    Yes, our students get great results from our videos fast. However, to develop as a good violinist we recommend Silver or Gold to get personal feedback and guidance by Zlata. Skype lessons are just as effective as local lessons. Also you can combine Bronze with lessons with a local teacher.

  • q-iconCan I cancel anytime I like?

    Yes! You can cancel your monthly membership anytime you like. The month in which you cancel is your last month. No nasty subscriptions, no fuss or whatever.

If your question isn't answered above, please e-mail me:


Are you ready to stop struggling? Finally enjoy playing the violin beautifully. Join the Violin Lounge Academy!

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