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Zlata Brouwer

My name is Zlata Brouwer and I want to fill the world with truth, beauty, freedom and love by teaching passionate violin players step by step how to bow like a pro and create a beautiful tone.

Zlata Brouwer Violinist & Teacher - Violin Lounge Academy

Online course curriculum

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90% of ALL issues and struggles on the violin is in the basics!

Violin lounge basicsMy course Violin Lounge Basics is suitable for complete beginners to violinists who’ve been playing for over twenty years and everything in between.

You learn a good foundation in left hand technique and right hand technique by learning the EXACT motor skills necessary for playing the violin beautifully.

I’m not only teaching you WHAT to do, but I’m teaching you exactly HOW to practice and do it yourself successfully.

Master the basics and the sky is the limit!

Violin Lounge Academy has taught me to love playing the violin. Zlata really emphasizes sounding good and enjoying what you play. She teaches the basics with the focus of producing enjoyable music. Her cheerful personality and encouragement make her videos pleasant to watch. I estimate that I now sound twice as good after only 6 months of Violin Lounge Academy. – VLA student Blair Faulk

YES, a beautiful vibrato is a learnable skill! You just need to know EXACTLY HOW…

free your vibratoWith daily exercises for 15 weeks and clear video instructions you can create a beautiful vibrato!

  • Learn the EXACT motor skills necessary for vibrato
  • LOOSEN your arm, hand and fingers in vibrato
  • Learn to COMBINE arm, wrist and finger vibrato
  • Learn to match your vibrato to what you want to EXPRESS
  • Learn to do vibrato exactly how you want it CONSISTENTLY

Doable, short and simple action steps. No overwhelm! Great results!

I’m so happy to have finally learned vibrato. Though I’m not good at it yet. I thought it is impossible for me to learn but Zlata’s method (like the karate Kid’s) works. – Alexander Ladroma, Violin Lounge Academy Student

The tips are very useful, especially the instructions about how to practice vibrato step-by-step. Before the lesson I was completely lost about my vibrato. It can really help you further when you are stuck. – Dick, Zlata’s student

It matters more HOW you play than WHAT you play.

Create a beautiful tone on the violinIn this vast online course suitable for beginners to advanced players, we do the magic for the sound that you create on your violin. Learn and improve each area that influences your tone and put them together:

  • Body posture, balance and violin hold
  • Right hand technique and bowing
  • Left hand technique, intonation and vibrato
  • Your instrument and bow
  • Mindset, breath and magic

The largest part of this course is bowing… how to bow fluently and solve struggles you might have with bowing. This is a subject that isn’t taught anywhere else in this step by step way.

Don’t accept sounding like an amateur, but improve and enjoy a beautiful sound!

This unique program will take violinists from their very first scales all up to all 3 octave major scales and arpeggio’s through a step by step curriculum.

sensational scales violinMusic is made out of scales and scales are the foundation of your violin technique. Sensational Scales is organized by fingering and not by key, so it sounds and feels more logical than other scale methods.

The course is a strong combination of a big scale book, video lessons, fingerboard maps and audio files!

You’ll improve your intonation and bowing dramatically if you implement this in your daily practice routine.

Hi Zlata! LOVE the Sensational Scales – I’ve just been working with the first 3 major scales right now, but I’m very happy about the way the book is designed. The thirds, triads, and bowing technique included is great, and my intonation has improved a lot, as well as my use of the 4th finger.

You clearly put a lot of time, work and love into not just this, but the whole Violin Lounge Academy. I cannot fully put into words how grateful I am of you and everything you have done to bring the joy of music to people around the world! Cheers, ~Ellie

The Academy is ever growing!

Except for the courses described in this menu, there are many other courses in the Academy: Confident Position Play, Practice Packages for various Rieding and Küchler Concertino’s, learn to play beautiful pieces like the Meditation by Massanet, video exchanges with other students and even some tunes from my home country Holland.

The Violin Lounge Academy offers videos on the areas of playing a violin or viola that I’ve never seen in method books.

Zlata shows you everything you need to know about how to work the bow, holding the instrument, getting a gorgeous tone, how a viola player can read treble clef (I needed this as I work with rock music a LOT and that’s the clef it’s written in) and so much more.

I think she’s revolutionized the way video instruction is to be presented, and always with grace and a desire to serve the musical community! – Sherrie Hoyer, a guitar and mandolin teacher who learns to play the viola with Zlata in the Violin Lounge Academy


Special Time Sensitive Offer

500+ Online violin lessons for just $ 29 $19 a month!


Sneak peek


Your violin teacher Zlata

Zlata M A Brouwer MSc BMus is a classically trained, conservatory graduated violinist and well known violin pedagogue living in the Netherlands. 

I currently play and perform as a first violinist in a string quartet (Gooisch Begeleidingskwartet) and a professional string orchestra (Vegas Strings).  I have been in a professional violin-piano duo, piano trio's and string trio for years including a CD recording and TV appearance.

Most important for me are my students and the results that we can get! In my violin lessons I seamlessly combine heart centered musicality with hard core technique, specializing in creating a beautiful tone on the violin and bowing technique, making things simple and doable, clear explanations, step by step.

I graduated at the Schumann Akademie in Holland as a violinist and teacher (BMus) and earned the highest possible grade in violin methodology at the Utrecht Conservatory.

Borrow my 10.000 hours of practicing and performing on the violin! I offer you my professional education as a violinist and teacher, over 20 years of private lessons, over 10 years experience in teaching and share everything I did to develop myself, my violin playing and my teaching in the Violin Lounge Academy.


Are you ready to stop struggling? Finally enjoy playing the violin beautifully. Join the Violin Lounge Academy!


Special Time Sensitive Offer

500+ Online violin lessons for just $ 29 $19 a month!